BIPV & OPV Technology

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is a multifunctional technology that integrates photovoltaic modules into the building structure to replace conventional construction materials. This technology is optimally applied to both new constructions and specific buildings that can be customized.

On the other hand, organic solar technology (Organic Photovoltaics or OPV) uses organic electronics, a branch of electronics that uses conductive organic polymers or small organic molecules that absorb light and transport charge to produce electricity from sunlight by photovoltaic effect. This technology has great flexibility, ease of installation and low maintenance.

These technologies are the sector that is growing the most within the photovoltaic solar industry, being a current trend as the main source of electricity or as a source of energy savings thanks to the aesthetics of its design.


BIPV technology has several advantages such as: its short period of return on investment, amortizing the cost of the system quickly thanks to the savings in construction material, installation and energy consumption of the network.

Furthermore, this technology is applicable to any of the different available surfaces of a building, thanks to its flexibility, ease of installation and low maintenance required.


BIPV & OPV products are available in all kinds of shapes, colors and cutting-edge technologies.

This allows for cutting-edge custom designs of our facilities, adapted to the type of building (residential, commercial or public), and providing an ecological image of the building.