BIREN, with headquarters in Madrid (Spain), is a leading company and a reference in the renewable energy sector in the implementation of BIPV & OPV technology.


By its nature, BIREN works to meet several of the sustainable development goals such as reducing emissions, the drive towards a circular economy and energy efficiency, and the fight against energy poverty.

BIREN is able to have a great social impact on different groups.

People with Motor Disability

Through integrated solutions in buildings and urban environments that provides extra energy needed for improve their mobility.

Energetic Islands

The technology proposed by BIREN fits perfectly with isolated and resource-poor areas, generating clean electricity for self-consumption, reducing the energy bill and saving building materials.

Temporary Residential Zones

BIPV technology allows construction and electric supply of temporary camps for refugees or host people through products such as photovoltaic fabrics.


BIREN actively participates in the renewable energy sector by carrying out integrated BIPV projects within the different economic sectors, such as residential, commercial or public sector. These projects are adapted to the different needs of the building or urban environment, making installations on the façade, rooftop, floor, or external to the building.

In addition, to meet the needs of architectural integration and aesthetics of the customer, BIREN has a large catalog of products that you can visit on our product page. These include Glass-Glass modules, photovoltaic tiles or photovoltaic fabrics.