Integrated BIPV Project

Integrated development of energy projects in buildings applying BIPV & OPV technology.

BIREN provides a complete and sustainable solution developing the different parts of the project, from cutting-edge design to development, energy management and  monitoring of the installation. Our solutions reduce consumption and save construction elements in the building, generating added value in the installation.


We design your project in accordance with the technical, economic and environment specifications of the project, providing you with the optimal solution after evaluating and studying alternatives.


We identify the needs and objectives of the client through the information provided.

Functional Design

We carry out a functional design of the solution to make a decision about the project.

Detail design

We carry out the detail design by executing our integrated BIPV project.


We execute the design project agreed with the client through an established schedule, and with a network of installers and suppliers to carry out the installation in an optimal way and in the shortest possible time.


Once the installation is complete, we provide the energy management and monitoring of the system for the client, with which they can know in real time the consumption and energy production data of their installation, as well as periodically optimize it for consumption. Our goal is to be present in the project throughout the useful life of the system, accompanying the client in everything they need.