Façade, Roof, Ground

The architectural integration of photovoltaic modules in construction or in urban environments makes it possible to create surfaces that, in addition to being an aesthetic and functional novelty, generate electrical energy and improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, also allowing system monitoring solar and the energy autonomy of the building or urban environment.


BIREN provides solutions adapted to customer needs and incorporates the design concept into solar energy, working with a team of engineers and architects specialized in the sector. This allows to optimize not only the energy generation of the installation, but also the aesthetics of the building and the new uses of urban environments.

Technical Characteristics

Photovoltaic fabrics are a product under development that aim to combine the flexibility of their structure with clean energy generation that is adaptable to all types of surfaces.

It is a product with great potential for application on roofs, floors, facades, and even in places exposed to the public where integrated advertising can be incorporated. More information about the product will be available shortly.

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