The facades are a sample of the identity and aesthetics of the building. An innovative, ecological and avant-garde design is important to convey an idea of sustainability and concern for the environment. For this, the integration of BIPV technology is the best option, providing solutions adapted to each type of building (residential, commercial or public).

Furthermore, the BIPV modules used in the projects are multifunctional, generating electrical energy and fulfilling the functions of conventional facades, such as protection, and the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building.

Soluciones de fachada


BIREN works on 2 types of façade solutions, carrying out each of the necessary phases in the project, from the detailed design to the execution and energy management of the building through our network of collaborators.

Solution sheet

Applied Façades or Curtain Walls

Integration of BIPV modules on a facade already built. The photovoltaic modules are attached directly to the façade using conventional fastening systems, achieving restorations with added values such as the generation of electrical energy and avant-garde aesthetics.

Integrated Façades or Ventilated Façades

BIPV modules are used as construction material for the façade itself, replacing conventional materials. Photovoltaic modules are part of the building structure and provide the necessary resistance and insulation characteristics, in addition to providing added values such as electric power generation or avant-garde aesthetics.