Floor Solutions

Floors are generally a very little used space in power generation, being one of the spaces with the largest area available for the installation of photovoltaic solar energy. At BIREN we are committed to making full use of the available spaces with the aim of increasing electricity generation and getting closer to the concept of Zero Energy Building.

Otras soluciones


BIREN works on a type of photovoltaic floor solution, carrying out each of the necessary phases in the project, from the detailed design to the execution and energy management of the building through our network of collaborators.

Photovoltaic Floor

Photovoltaic floor is a perfect product for areas outside the building where it is intended to combine aesthetics with clean energy generation. In addition, by taking advantage of other additional surfaces such as the soil, the self-consumption capacity increases, generating greater savings.

This material provides the aesthetic properties of glass with a wide variety of colors and mechanical resistance available in your application, depending on the characteristics of the environment.

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