The roof of a building is an ideal space to carry out a BIPV installation for self-consumption energy generation. The large surfaces available and their horizontal or slightly inclined orientation make production levels optimal.

To do this, BIPV technology integrates perfectly, adapting to the shape of the roof or roof. In addition, the great variety of possible configurations in size, color, transparency or shape allow installations to be carried out in all types of residential, commercial and public buildings. In BIREN we also carry out photovoltaic installations with conventional applied technology.

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BIREN works on 2 types of roofing solutions, carrying out each of the necessary phases in the project, from the detailed design to the execution and energy management of the building through our network of collaborators.

Solution sheet

Applied Rooftops

Incorporation of conventional PV or BIPV modules on existing roofs as a way of achieving self-consumption energy generation as well as possible rehabilitation. With this, it is possible to improve the insulation of the building, provide an ecological and avant-garde aesthetic, and obtain savings in electricity and emissions.

Integrated Rooftops or Skylights

BIPV module installations in new buildings or complete rehabilitation of roofs in the form of skylights or conventional roofs. Glasses with different degrees of transparency are used in them, providing the characteristics of roof construction materials, such as insulation and waterproofing, in addition to the generation of energy and associated emission savings.