BIREN provides a complete and sustainable solution developing the different parts of the project, from design to development, energy management and system monitoring. Our solutions reduce consumption and save construction elements in the building.

Among the external solutions we find solutions on urban roads, in car parks, floating or the installation of recharging points. All of them are solutions not integrated into the architectural structure of the building. In addition, BIREN offers a space evaluation service through an irradiation evaluation software on surfaces.


Spaces or facilities with the potential for integrating renewable energies will be evaluated by our specialized team of engineers and architects, achieving profitable unused areas, integrating renewable energies in the urban environment, and contributing to clean and sustainable energy generation with the environment . All this will be done through our own irradiation analysis software.

Solutions on Urban roads

Among the possible solutions on urban roads is the use of photovoltaic pavement, suitable for application on roads and highways and which makes it possible to take advantage of the available surface for the generation of clean energy in addition to fulfilling its basic function of supporting vehicles and people.

In addition, within solutions on urban roads we find possibilities such as solar lighting (solar street lights), the installation of points or stations for recharging electric vehicles, or photovoltaic integration in party walls or acoustic barriers.

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Photovoltaic Parkings

BIREN works with photovoltaic modules and structures that allow it to adapt to the typical structure of a car park, taking advantage of the available surface for the generation of clean energy in addition to fulfilling its basic function of protection against meteorological agents.

The energy generation of this type of facility has various applications such as recharging electric vehicles, lighting, or self-consumption in the area.

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Recharging Points for EVs

BIREN is committed to a future of net emissions balance, taking advantage of photovoltaic installations integrated into buildings and urban environments to satisfy the energy demand in transport and mobility. To do this, it installs individual charging stations or points for electric vehicles.

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